3 Great Benefits of CBD Hemp | MJ Natural Beauty

July 09, 2019

Cannabinol, also known as CBD, can sometimes feel like an alien substance that seems to have just fallen from the sky. The news outlets and media stations can’t get enough of the stuff. You see it many places, you hear about it almost everywhere, but just what exactly is CBD and what are it’s benefits?

3 Great Benefits of CBD Hemp | MJ Natural Beauty

What is CBD?

To sum it up nicely, CBD is a property inside the marijuana and hemp plant. CBD has been identified as the property with various health benefits while not intoxicating a user. CBD differs from THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, in this way. THC is the property that gets users “stoned.”

What’re Some Benefits of CBD?

#3 Stress

3 Great Benefits of CBD Hemp | MJ Natural Beauty

Many users of CBD report feeling a reduction in their stress after using it. The properties inside CBD have been said to have calming effects on the body, thus helping people manage stress and have found an overall reduction in stress in general.

#2 Sleep

3 Great Benefits of CBD Hemp | MJ Natural Beauty

We have many customers who come into our stores saying that our CBD products have helped improve their sleeping behavior. People who suffer from conditions like insomnia and other similar sleeping issues. 

#1 Pain 

3 Great Benefits of CBD Hemp | MJ Natural Beauty

Customers and even our social media manager have reported that CBD has helped reduce their pain. We have customers who have reported that our CBD Magic Pain Cream is great for conditions like arthritis and sore muscles. Our social media manager reported that he felt less pain in his elbow from an exercising injury after using the CBD Magic Pain Cream.

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