Beauty Professionals are Embracing CBD | Mary Jane’s Natural Beauty

June 19, 2019

CBD has been taking the beauty and wellness industry by storm. From celebrity estheticians to huge corporations, people have been embracing CBD and integrating it in their practices.

Beauty Professionals are Embracing CBD | Mary Jane’s Natural Beauty

CBD the non-psychoactive compound found in marijuana and hemp plants does not get you high but has been associated with mental and physical benefits. The anti-inflammatory character of CBD gives dermatologists help with treating acne. CBD also contains fatty acids which help with moisture in the skin. These combined medicinal properties could help sensitive, acne-prone skin. Dermatologists have been testing out CBD in their clinical trials to see the response from new products. Products must undergo a multitude of testing before being placed or offered in doctor’s offices.

CBD as an add-on

Hotels, spas, wellness centers, and more are using CBD to their advantage by offering it as an add-on to their treatment.

A salon in Palm Beach, FL offers CBD isolate to be mixed in with their client’s lotion, serum, or in their massage during a manicure/pedicure or facial. Their CBD isolate comes in a powder form and the add-on costs $20 dollars. Clients with skin conditions or arthritis could benefit from adding it to their experience.

CBD isolate is the purest form of the CBD compound. Unlike full spectrum CBD, the isolate does not have any terpenes, other cannabinoids, or plant parts. There is an extremely low existence of THC-content in CBD isolate. This allows clients or customers to experience CBD’s truest form and they don’t have to worry about the other cannabinoids in the product.

Massages with CBD

People go in for massages to either alleviate pain or just to relax. CBD has been shown to help relax the muscles and reduce chronic pain. People that experience arthritis uses CBD in their problem areas to help with the inflammation and pain.

Massage therapists are starting to incorporate CBD in their practice by adding full-spectrum oil to their client’s body. Full-spectrum CBD contains many of the cannabinoids that go beyond CBD, along with the other elements of the plant such as naturally occurring terpenes, fatty acids, vitamins, proteins, and more. CBD could help with joint pain, cramps, swelling, muscle pain, and increase blood circulation throughout the body. This makes incorporating CBD in a massage ideal. 

CBD in Skin Treatments

CBD has been shown to help with irritated skin issues such as eczema and dandruff. These two common skin conditions cause inflammation, itchiness, and redness. In a study, CBD interacted with the receptors in the skin to reduce the symptoms. Holistic aestheticians are starting to use CBD isolate by dissolving it into the oil then applying it to the face and scalp during a facial.

Before You Add-On

Although there are many studies and claims made about CBD, not all CBD is created equally. It is important to know where the CBD comes from and how it is made before you use it on your body. Before you say yes to the add-on, make sure you look up the brand of CBD in order to get your money's worth.

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