CBD for Pain | Mary Jane’s Natural Beauty

July 02, 2019

Pain. Sucks.

Even the best of us suffer from occasional physical pain from exercising, playing sports, strenuous activities, painful medical conditions like arthritis.

CBD for Pain | Mary Jane’s Natural Beauty

Fortunately, there are tons of remedies for pain. However, not all remedies are natural. That's where CBD comes in. CBD stands for cannabinol and has been painted as a Superdrug by the news and media. It contains many health and wellness properties and been reported to help pain stemming from exercising and medical conditions.

This is one reason why topicals like creams, salves, and lotions containing CBD hemp have become popular. They have become popular for relieving physical pain in a quick and easy manner. 

CBD Topicals for Pain

CBD topicals are great for people who are uninterested in the more traditional methods such as smoking and consuming edibles. Just simply rub the directed amount of your choice of CBD topical and apply to the painful areas.

CBD for Pain | Mary Jane’s Natural Beauty

Our social media manager had the chance to try and take notes on his experience with our Icey CBD Instant Pain Relief and CBD Magic Pain Cream. The following are his thoughts on both of these products: 

Icey CBD Instant Pain Relief

“The name of this product is spot on. It is definitely icy, and it provides a blast of immediate pain relief. 

CBD for Pain | Mary Jane’s Natural Beauty

Recently, I have been suffering from elbow joint pain due to weightlifting. I occasionally get joint pain from lifting, but it usually goes away after about five days. However, this time the pain in my elbow lasted for over a week.

I first gave the Icey CBD Instant Pain Relief a go just due to name. Within seconds I could feel the invigorating cooling sensation on my elbow. It latest briefly within about 15 to 30 minutes the pain slowly came back.

This product is great overall, but it was not great for my symptoms. It would be better for something like receiving quick and cooling relief from a burn or sore muscles, not joint pains.”

CBD Magic Pain Cream

“About an hour of after using the Icey CBD Instant Pain Relief, I decided enough time had passed to try the next product, the CBD Magic Pain Cream.

My elbow pain was still present at this time. I opened the Magic Pain Cream and using two fingers, scooped out a quarter-sized amount and rubbed it on.

CBD for Pain | Mary Jane’s Natural Beauty

This consistency was much thicker than the Icey CBD Instant Pain Relief. I had to massage the cream into my skin until fully absorbed. 

After rubbing in the cream, I felt no immediate pain relief, but I did feel a cooling sensation begin to set in.  About 5 minutes later, I could feel a slight numbing effect. Within about 15 minutes I felt my pain subside. The pain felt like it had disappeared, kind of like magic, pun intended.

The pain reduced significantly for a few hours and then it began to reemerge slowly, slower than the Icey Relief though.”

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