What to Know Before Shopping for CBD Skincare | Mary Jane’s Natural Beauty

June 04, 2019

Sales of CBD (cannabidiol) oil are dramatically on the rise across the U.S., as its availability on the shelves caters to the mainstream health and beauty markets. Studies show that much of the widespread growth is coming from baby boomers and millennials. Baby boomers, such as Martha Stewart, signed an endorsement deal with Canopy Growth Corporation and PGA golfer, Greg Norman decided to come out with his personal brand of CBD care products. On the other side, it became big news when millennials, Kim Kardashian threw a CBD-themed baby shower for herself or when actress Emma Roberts posted on Instagram about her favorite products that include CBD-infused bath tonics.

As the industry grows, the more brands and options keep popping up. Celebrities promoting products, advertisements on social media, or big-box stores (like Sephora) carrying certain products might influence what you buy. CBD, the nonpsychoactive extract from the cannabis plant, has recently been studied to be a benefit to the skin. Although the studies are limited, CBD is being claimed to be anti-inflammatory and treats acne. To reach the results, you want topical products such as creams, lotions, or face washes. Products, like skincare, must be thoroughly analyzed before you put it on your body and expect results. We’ve created a factual breakdown for you to be a better shopper when it comes to your skin and CBD.

What to Know Before Shopping for CBD Skincare | Mary Jane’s Natural BeautyWhat to Know Before Shopping for CBD Skincare | Mary Jane’s Natural Beauty


What to Know Before Shopping for CBD Skincare | Mary Jane’s Natural Beauty

Learn the Lingo

Look the ingredients such as phytocannabinoid rich (PCR), hemp extract, phytocannabinoids, cannabis sativa extract, whole plant hemp, and cannabidiol. If your product has these ingredients on the label, it means there is actual CBD as an active ingredient. Because CBD is not strongly regulated, brands can make false claims without actual CBD as an active ingredient.

If your product reads, cannabis sativa oil, hemp seed extract, or hemp seed oil, then it is an indicator that they are byproducts of hemp and cannabis- meaning they don’t contain actual CBD. This is not dismissing the fact that the products won’t moisturize your skin or nourish it. However, if you’re looking for that CBD effect, these products don’t have it. 

Milligrams Matter 

A potent formula is easy to spot out and doesn’t require much calculation. Once you’ve indicated the number of milligrams of CBD on the labeled product, notice the ounces on the packaging. If a bottle has 500 milligrams of CBD in one ounce of face oil, then it would have a stronger dose. A large four-ounce bottle with 200 milligrams of CBD probably is diluted and doesn’t contain that much CBD in each use.


Importance of Dosage

If brands aren’t diligent with their testing, they may be off-base with their potency. In some cases, there may not be any testing at all with products from certain brands. If the words cannabidiol, hemp extract, or any of the ones we listed still isn’t in the ingredients, the dosing may be weak. The order in which the company lists the ingredients is key. By law, cosmetic companies must list the product ingredients in order of potency. So if you see the word fragrance above CBD or CBD as the last ingredient, it means the product is being used as a marketing ploy and probably doesn’t contain much CBD.

Shop Consciously

The brand that offers a Certificate of Analysis proves that their formula is indeed tested and has an accurate percentage of the active amounts of CBD in the product formula. These brands have paid the money, waited for the results, and are being responsible when it comes to selling their products. Also, take note of the founders or CEOs of the company. If you notice who they’ve hired, you can get an idea of the company.

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